Do I Believe in Soul Mates?

I absolutely do. Soul mates are people who come into your life and leave a piece of themselves with you. They come to mind when a certain song is played, you read a certain quote or you come across a remembrance out of the blue. People come in and out of our lives and some […]

Field of Dreams, Poolside

I just finished reading “Not Your Mother’s Rules”, which is the updated version of “The Rules” which was published in 1995. The new book is a fresh take on dating, incorporating the changes that have taken place with the inception of Facebook, Instant Messaging and Skype. While we definitely can’t live without social networking now, […]

Thank you Sydney

It happened to me last November. I was half way around the world, all by myself. There on the beach at Watson’s Bay, one of the oldest fishing villages in Sydney, Australia I figured it out. I had taken a catamaran across the harbour to go to this quaint fishing village that morning. On the […]